100_4447 We are working at finishing our Prairie home addition.100_4449 The exterior of the addition and much of the deck have been completed. Workers are now installing several retaining walls that will create different heights to the ground around the addition. The deck railings are steel and have not been installed yet.

100_4450 The interior includes a gardening room for working with100_4451 plants. It has nice cedar cabinets for a work area. We also created some shelves with shallow galvanized metal trays for starting plant seeds.


100_4452 The upper level of the new room includes a gas100_4454 fireplace. The owners selected a very nice ceramic tile for the surround which I think imparts a warm feeling even when the fireplace is not running. There is a serving buffet at one end of the room which is waiting for its countertop to arrive.

100_4453 The views from the extra large windows are wonderful…..overlooking water in two directions. This has been a fun and interesting project to work on.


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