logo Our construction company shop/office is located just up the road from Perkins Specialized Transportation company. Perkins is a very interesting trucking company in that they handle large, heavy and oversize loads. If you have been in the Northfield area for the past few years you have probably seen their rigs either coming back to their shop, or leaving the shop.

100_3190 Yesterday I happened to be outside when one of Perkins specialized hauling trucks came by our shop. Escorted at highway 3 by the State Patrol, the truck was incredibly long and complex. I don’t know what it was designed to haul, but I’m sure it was something heavy. They have moved nuclear reactor parts, oil rig parts and just about anything you can imagine. It is a complex process to plan routes hauling this type of equipment throughout the United States.

It is great to have a company like Perkins in Northfield.


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