Passive House

We continue to be busy at our Passive House project. The foundation walls and basement floor were installed late last month. Our carpenters then began work on the lower level bearing walls and the main floor. The floor system uses 14″ open web floor trusses. Since the exterior walls are insulated concrete construction, we have to attach a bearing ledger to the walls, then set the floor trusses on those. It is somewhat slow work as there are lots of connectors used on the ledger board. The window opening bucks have been prepared for installation in the first floor exterior walls.

While all this has been going on we have had the site contractor busy backfilling the foundation and filling and compacting the garage and porch areas. The light gray material in this photo is an application of exterior waterproofing finish that the stucco contractor applied to the foam walls. Below that the black material is dimpled sheet waterproofing at the basement areas. The owner has been busy installing PVC piping to collect water from the rain gutter system. They will be collecting the water in a tank for various uses.


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