Otto’s Top 10 Pet Costumes

Halloween is the time of year when humans embarrass their pets by shoving us into funny costumes and taking photos of them. A good time is had by all. While I don’t often wear costumes or clothes (I’m a pretty big dog, and I don’t need winter gear thanks to my fur), a lot of my friends do! We got together and compiled this list of our favorite dog costumes for Halloween. For your entertainment, I added some of my own commentary.

Batman (to show everybody how cool your pet is)

Batman 2

Ghostbuster (this is a classic…you just can’t beat it!)

ghostbuster 2










Yoda (because we all know who the wiser species is here)

Yoda 2










Stegosaurus (dinosaurs=hairless, which is weird, but they’re also pretty tough)











Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (another all-time favorite, even though turtles are kind of like dinosaurs)











Bunny (this is not my favorite idea for a dog like me. But, who knows, maybe it will tickle your pet’s fancy)











Tarantula (in case you want to give someone a heart attack)











Camel (because this little guy just looks hilarious)











Wonder Woman (because we can’t forget the ladies!)

wonder woman










Giraffe (so I can eat more treats off the counter with my long neck)



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