Otto the Construction Dog’s Favorite Superbowl Commercials

Otto the Construction Dog here. I like to think of myself as a hard-working construction dog, but now and then I like to kick back and watch some sports. In particular, I enjoy the Super Bowl.

Every year, the Super Bowl features two of the year’s greatest football teams, lots of nachos, and our favorite commercials ever. I’ve pawed around the internet and found some of my favorite commercials of recent years. Naturally, all of these feature my furry friends. Enjoy!

There are few things as great as rolling the windows down in the car.

Even though I can normally chase squirrels like a pro, this one paralyzed me with laughter.

A lot like dogs, horses can be pretty good friends with their humans.

Budweiser really knows what they’re doing. Dogs are the best!

Dogs make great pets because we do great things like help with constructions. Other pets…not so much.

If you want your dog friends to go crazy, listen to this one with the sound on.

There are few things we won’t do for our snacks.


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