Otto the Construction Dog Shares His Tips on Style

Diary Entry #231: How I keep lookin’ so good.

There has been quite the buzz around the office about how famous I’m getting. Don’t get me wrong, I love the attention (what dog wouldn’t). But, I have come to a couple of conclusions on what it takes to keep myself as lookin’ as good as I feel.

First – it’s not easy being born with a snowy white coat.  It’s a curse and a blessing, really.  I look so, so good when I am clean…but the minute I even so much as look at a dirty pile, it’s over for me. And trust me, job sites can get DIRTY. But that is only one of my struggles. The outfit, the press, the safety gear (we always, ALWAYS wear safety gear), to name just a few.

So, here are my style tips for looking good at all times on the job:

  • Always match your hat with your coat.
  • Safety orange doesn’t always work with your outfit.  So only wear it in emergencies.  It’s not a good color on anyone, but maybe that’s the point.
  • When getting photographed, always instruct the photog which side is your best.
  • Keep your feet clean with some good licking. Sure, sometimes it tastes bad…but beauty is not for sissies.
  • Get your nails trimmed on a regular basis. Then they won’t get caught in anything on site or collect dirt.
  • Do your best not to run through burrs. Those things are terrible.
  • Always be ready to greet visitors – tail wags and hand licks are always a good go-to.

My knowledge of such things is, of course, endless. I will continue to share my thoughts and tips with you about my life as a Construction Dog. Now, I must get back to my ear scratches and tummy rubs. The humans here are amazing.


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