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As a construction dog, I spend a lot of time driving to sites to check up on progress. When I drive around in our truck, my owners are very careful to always make sure there is air conditioning and that I am never left alone in the vehicle. Sadly, some owners forget how important these things are. I’m here to give you a brief overview of how to protect your pets in this summer heat.

  1. Cars can get very hot, very quickly. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, when it’s 80 degrees outside, a car can heat up to 114 degrees in just 30 minutes. You would get sick in that heat, and so would I.
  2. It’s illegal to leave your pet in a car when it will damage their health. And it’s illegal for a reason.
  3. Don’t forget about humidity. When it’s humid out, my body isn’t as good at cooling itself down as it normally is. So, humidity can be just as damaging as heat when it comes to my health.
  4. Fans don’t work. I don’t let off heat like humans do. My fur means I don’t sweat like a person, so fans aren’t effective in keeping me cool.
  5. You need to look out for me. Other than our big, caring eyes, dogs not very talented at communicating with humans. So, when my friends need help, you need to speak up for them. If you see a pet in a car, take down the information of the vehicle and have the owner paged in nearby buildings. If that fails, call the local sheriff, who can help rescue the pet.

So, keep an eye out for my furry friends this summer. Heat is tough for us, but you can help!


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