Yesterday Gordy from KDHL Radio called me and asked if I would stop over for a short radio interview and visit at Olympus Athletic Club. KDHL was doing a remote broadcast from Olympus featuring all types of community programs.

I had not met with the new owners of Olympus, but was able to chat with Scot Suess. Scot and his wife Heather, along with Chad and Robin Johnson purchased Olympus last year from Kyle and Dale Snesrud. Kyle and Dale did a great job developing Olympus into a much more active club than it had been. Now Scot, Heather, Chad and Robin are working to keep up the momentum, keeping Olympus a great club.

I also spoke with Toby Anderson, a personal trainer at Olympus. Toby graduated from Northfield High School with my son Tristan, and then they both attended and graduated from Luther College. I had not seen Toby for a couple of years. It is nice to see NHS graduates come back to Nortfield, find employment doing what they like to do, and become active in our community.


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