We finished up our work at the Oil Can Henry’s project in Northfield a week ago. They opened for business and are providing a good service to area residents. There are a few things to finish up, such as the landscape work, but the building is done and working well for them.

This morning I stopped by to get the oil changed on my pickup truck and try out the service. Everyone is prompt, courteous and friendly. When you pull up to the doors a service technician greets you and explains the process. You also are handed a copy of USA Today to read while the vehicle is being serviced as you stay in the vehicle the whole time.

As an added feature there is a video screen that shows the worker below your vehicle as well as the engine compartment. You can watch the workers as they go about their business of changing the oil, checking fluids, etc.

The work bay is a very nice, bright area….clean as can be. A full check of vehicle lights, windshield wipers, glass cleaning, tire pressures, etc. is done as part of the serivce. I left the facility knowing that my truck received a thorough check-up.

Project Superintendent Brent Hauge and my son Tristan were installing a decorative trellis this morning. The trellis, which matches the trellis at the front doors, was added at the end of the project to dress up the rear exterior doors. I appreciate that they helped out on a Saturday morning to get the trellis quickly installed for the owners.


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