We completed the site work for our office expansion project. We had a bit of a turn of events in that the water and sewer services were not stubbed into the building lot as anticipated. That meant we had to open the street and attach to the existing sanitary sewer line and the existing water line. The water line in this area is a big one….16″….so we had a firm come down to do what is called a ‘wet tap’ on the water main. This is a slick process that involves strapping a machine to the water main and drilling a hole in it while the main is pressurized with water. The end result is a nice clean connection to the water main for our water service. We did a similar connection to the sanitary sewer, using a core drill to drill into the reinforced concrete pipe.

After all that work was completed and the services extended into the building location, we prepared the trenches for the foundation footings. We laid in a base of crushed concrete in the trenches and compacted it with compaction equipment. This provides a very solid base for the building foundation.