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In the early months of 2016, Northfield Construction Company has been moving forward on construction projects with multiple area non-profits. These non-profit construction project clients include Laura Baker Services, West Hills, and Three Links.

Our team is always proud to work with non-profits such as these organizations, who give so much back to the Northfield community. West Hills Lodge provides opportunities for clients to break cycles of chemical addiction and achieve a healthy and sober lifestyle for the benefit of client, families and communities; Laura Baker Services is dedicated to bringing the power of possibility to people with special needs; and Three Links is committed to resident-centered care and creating peace of mind for those they serve.

Because working with non-profits is such a treat, Northfield Construction takes extra steps to make the process smooth for them. Our team creates unique contracts for these clients, which allows for materials to be tax free. Northfield Construction becomes a purchasing agent for the client, which oftentimes requires some additional project management and administrative work.

If you work for or benefit from a local non-profit, do not let your next construction project run your funds dry. A construction company with experience will work to ensure your costs are kept low, and your operations smooth. In fact many of our non-profit construction projects occur with live-in residents still on-site!

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