Last Sunday Ellen and I, along with hundreds of other area folks, toured the new Northfield Middle School as part of the dedication ceremony. What a wonderful school building! It was a joy to wander around and see the classrooms, computer rooms, gyms, pool, cafeteria, media center and everything that is part of this new facility.

I served on the Northfield School Board from 1987 until 1002. I thoroughly enjoyed that level of community service. For much of that time the Board wrestled with what to do about our Middle School. The former building was constructed in 1912 and had significant additions in 1936 and 1956 as it was used for grades 7-12. In 1966 a high school was constructed and the grades separated. But, after another 40 years of use, the nearly 100 year old facility simply was not serving school needs any longer.

In 2001 the voters approved a $43 million bond levy, which included roughly $30 million for the new Middle School. As a member of the Bond Campaign Committee to pass that bond levy, I was thrilled when the levy passed, allowing the School Board to plan and construct the new Middle School. The new building is 205,000 square feet, two stories high and should serve the community well for many, many years. It is on a 60 acre site that will allow programing flexiblity in the years to come.

If you are on this site because you are considering moving to Northfield, you can know in confidence that Northfield Schools have some of the finest facilties in the state. Those facilites, coupled with the excellent teachers and adminstration, create a tremendous learning environment.


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