We have had a crew working for the past week or so at the Northfield Historical Society’s Scriver building in downtown Northfield. I think the Scriver Building is the ‘premier’ anchor of Bridge Square. The Northfield Historical Society has owned this building for about 25 years. They take good care of it and keep working to preserve and protect the great old stone structure. Northfield Construction Company has done several projects over the years in the Scriver, including a major lower level remodeling for archive storage.

The work we are doing now is mainly in the display rooms. We are installing a lot of new lighting that will be used to showcase their exhibits. We also are doing some security work. Shortly after we started we discovered some structural problems with the floor system. SMSQ is handling the architectural work and they arranged for structural engineers to examine the conditions and determine what we need to do to strengthen the floor.

Chris Smisek is the Project Manager for the work, and Mike McKeag is the site foreman. They have enjoyed working with Mark Fagerwick, the Executive Director of the Northfield Historical Society.


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