100_0694 If you have been in downtown Northfield lately you may have noticed our work at the100_0695 Northfield Historical Society stairway on the east side of their building. We are making repairs to the wood staircase that leads up to the second floor of the building. This is fairly involved repair work to this nice stairway.

This wood stairway was originally constructed by Northfield Construction Company about 15 years ago. It replaced a historically incorrect metal stairs bolted to the side of the building. Whenever wood is used in an exterior location it is subject to decay and deterioration. The Historical Society is wise to make these repairs and changes to some of the details at this time so that the staircase can continue to be used for many more years.

100_0699 Downtown Northfield is a busy place right now with Defeat of Jesse James Days about to get in full swing. Bridge Square is filling up with food booths getting ready to open tonight. If you want to visit a fun festival with something for all ages, Defeat of Jesse James Days is the place to be this weekend. It runs through Sunday afternoon.


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