This morning at 8:00 I joined many community members, business owners, and retail merchants for a discussion at the Grand Entertainment center. In spite of a fairly cold, very snowy morning, there was an excellent turnout.

The meeting was sponsored jointly between the Northfield Downtown Development Corporation and the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce. The purpose was to ‘brainstorm’ about issues and challenges facing retail business development in Northfield. As NDDC Executive Director Ross Currier told the group, retail is used very loosely to include any business that sells a product—from hammers, to sandwiches to insurance. That is a broad description of the term, but shows the desire to include everyone in working to keep Northfield a strong business center.

Before we started the discussion on business issues we had a short presentation from Randolph Jennings. Randy has been working on way-finding signage for Northfield under a contract with the City of Northfield. He gave us some background on what he has worked on, including showing us ‘wheels’ blending a collage of images about Northfield, to arrive at colors, features, etc.
He showed some possible sign configurations to us……

It was good to see so many business people gather to discuss how to improve services, opportunities, and goods in the Northfield area. We have a beautiful downtown and it takes ongoing care to keep it healthy.


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