A week ago my wife Ellen and I traveled to New York city. We wanted to squeeze in a short vacation before the legislature convenes on January 4th. Once I start back into daily legislative service it is impossible to take a vacation.

My brother Tom has lived in New York for many years. We were able to visit Tom and his wife Emily. They live in a wonderful old brownstone row home in Brooklyn. It appears that it was constructed right at the end of the 1800’s. This area of New York didn’t develop until after the Civil War when long span bridges were constructed over the rivers.

I am fascinated to see how construction work is handled on such constrained work sites. We saw several buildings that were being worked on. They wrap elaborate netting and scaffolds around them to protect pedestrians from any falling objects. Deliveries have to be coordinated on a daily basis as they cannot tie up streets. They generally have hired off-duty police officers to direct traffic around busy work sites.

I also saw where an old building was being demolished. They company had carefully removed all the upper floors….four or five from what I could tell…..and was busy creating a basement. They were using a hydraulic hammer on the end of a hydraulic hoe. The hoe was right in the basement and could just barely pivot in the hole as it was only about 20′ wide.

We took the time to travel to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building, a wonderful art deco structure. Sadly, it is now the tallest building in New York after the destruction of the twin World Trade towers. The view from the observation deck was awesome…about 18-20 miles on that blue sky day.

I like to look at door and entrances while I’m visiting other places. I especially like entrances that incorporate verses. There are some wonderful examples in New York.

New York is a very busy place and was all decked out for Christmas. We had a great time visiting and attending plays on Broadway—but I’ll stick with the construction work in Minnesota.


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