The Subway restaurant in Faribault we have been working on this fall is now open for business! First thing Wednesday morning they were busy selling food.

This Subway has the new décor package for the interior and I think it looks quite nice. The food menu is very readable and the food line is attractive….

Workers were busy yesterday stocking the kitchen with food, cleaning the cookware, etc…

The ceiling tile has a nice sculpted edge profile. We used a wood crown molding at the perimeter of the public areas which looks very good.

While the exterior work is not 100% finished—waiting for spring weather—-the patio wall with lantern style lights are functioning. The lights are similar to the Starbucks we constructed adjacent to the Subway and give a soft glow at night.

So, if you are in Faribault and are hungry, stop by the new Subway on highway 60 just east of the freeway.