On Tuesday we started construction work on a new residence in rural Northfield. The project also includes a large outbuilding. The week before we were busy installing a new driveway access road to the site. Driveways can be challenging—-get it wrong and the owner is burdened with a poor driveway for years. We worked with American Excavating in Northfield to plan and design a driveway that should hold up well and serve the owners for decades.

Once the driveway was installed we went to work on the house excvation and foundation. As with most of our new home projects, we use Form-A-Drain on both the interior and exterior of the concrete footings. I have found that this is the best product to make sure there is a positive drainage path at the footings to control any subsurface water. We will be adding about  8″ of washed rock in the basement level with the concrete footings. The washed rock provides a good drainage plane for water, but also provides a good migration path for any radon gas that might be present at the site.  We connect a radon vent from the drains out through the roof.

The outbuilding is being constructed on a concrete slab. The site was prepared, compacted and granular material brought in. We thicken the slab at the perimeter to accommodate a 12″x 16″ area, and reinforce the entire slab with steel bars. Hopefully the weather will be good and we can get the slab poured tomrrow morning.