Things are looking great at the new home we are building in rural Northfield. The owners have not been in a big rush to move in, which allows us to take our time and complete things in proper order and in dust free environments. The home has red oak floors throughout which have been finished to a beautiful luster. Both stairways in this home are hardwood as well, with balusters and a newel post at the lower portion of the stairs.

The kitchen cabinets are also oak with a very light natural stain applied. We used the same cabinets int he bathrooms. The owners selected standard plastic laminate counters for the kitchen as they liked the ‘soft’ and warm appearance. We use a lot of stone countertop materials today, but stone can be very unforgiving with glassware and it has a slightly colder appearance. The bathrooms incorporated cultured marble countertops with integral bowls, creating an easy to clean surface.

The mechanical room is good sized on this home, but it still ends up getting full of equipment. Between the whole-house ventilation system, the furnace, the electrical panels, the sump and sewer pits, the well system, the water conditioning systems the room quickly fills up. We try to organize the equipment during the planning phase so floor drains, stand pipes, and vent locations are determined and located  properly.


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