New Project: Keepsake Cidery

Local and community are two big things for us here at NCC, so we are excited when we get to work on a project with a partner who has the same local vibes. We are happy to announce we are working with Keepsake Cidery on their new tasting room!

Keepsake Cidery uses 100% apple and a natural process to create their cider. They work with local vendors, like Ableman Apple Creek Orchard in Faribault, MN. Creating their cider is a process very similar to making white wine, in fact, you could switch apples for grapes and it would be wine! Their cider is aged for up to 12-15 months, sometimes more or less before they are released. Being a farm cidery they are able to self-distribute and can be found in about 125-140 locations between Blaine and Rochester, MN. They love working with partners, but their true passion is serving it right at their farm – right at their source. That’s why this tasting room is so important to Keepsake Cidery, Nate, Tracy, and their family who live on this farm with their two kids and dog, Burt.

The tasting room features large windows by Marvin Windows & Doors that let in a lot of natural light. Wood accents are in the process of being stained and finished by Nate and his team, while NCC works on other components. The walls, who were partially painted by Nate and Tracy’s two kids, are two-tone with a large chalkboard above the bar area for their menu. The bar which is currently under construction will feature a large red oak natural wood slab as the top. The outdoor space will have a cement floor and feature an overhang to protect you from the elements and Edison lighting to set the mood – it’s a great outdoor space. Think Irish Pub meets Minnesota Farm.

We want to be a cidery and toasty farm – that is what the English call grilled cheese sandwiches. The menu is still in the planning stages. Simple by nature, made by nature. Local farms first, they are working with local bakers for bread and other local vendors for cheese, and turkey from Ferndale.

How did Keepsake Cidery begin?

“My dad was in the air force, none of my family was in agriculture at all. And I just really wanted to start farming, so in 2005 once I did, I realized I wanted to do apples. At the same time I was experimenting with fermentation and the rest fell into place. Now here we are, 13 years later!”

What has it been like working with NCC?

“Chris is fantastic, they’ve been great. We were referred by friends, we wanted someone we could trust and would do a good job – which we found with NCC. Our friends who have worked with them had only good things to say – including Seeds and Imminent Brewing.”

Keep checking the Keepsake Cidery Facebook for more updates on their official grand opening!


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