Our carpenters have been busy on the new home and outbuilding we are constructing in rural Northfield. The large outbuilding is all framed and roofed. Soffits and fascias have been installed and about half the siding is on. We are using sheet fiber-cement siding, with 1×3 battens every 12″. This creates a very ‘rural’ board and batten siding , which was a common siding pattern for years in this area.  The gabled roofs over each of the personnel doors add a nice feature to the building and protect the doors from water.

Framing has been completed on the house too. The workers just finished installing the windows in the home and are gearing up to start installation of the fascias and soffits. We managed to get the basement floor poured some days ago. That allowed us to complete the wall framing in that area. The plumbing, heating and electrical contractors are just now starting to put their systems in place.


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