100_1067 This morning we started construction on a new home in the rural area south of Northfield. It is a lovely wooded site that makes a beautiful setting for the home. Earlier we had electric power run into the site and had the electric meter set.

One of the most interesting parts of a construction job100_1080 is seeing the variety of soils in the area. This building site is on high ground so I suspected we would find some granular material as we dug the basement. Sure enough, about 2’-3’ above the basement floor elevation we encountered nice white, sugar sand. The soils above the sand layer are extremely varied. There is a vein of blue clay material, plus some dark brown sandstone material. Seeing all this makes me think about the power of the glaciers that ran through this area eons ago! It is good to have granular material like this under a basement floor as it helps keep the floor dry and prevents excess cracking of the concrete.

What a perfect day to begin excavation work on this home….stay tuned for progress reports.


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