We’ve finished up the framing on the new home we are constructing. As you may recall, the exterior walls on this home are insulated concrete form (ICF) construction. ICF’s are foam blocks that we set up and pour concrete in to create the walls. Most of the electrical work on the exterior walls has to be placed in the foam. Some of the work can be inserted prior to the pour, but most of it is cut into the foam. Once the wires are in place the cuts are sealed back up with expanding foam insulation.

The wood frame roof system on the house is treated just like any other house. This home has tall ‘heels’ on the rafters….16″ high. That allows us to install full thick insulation right out over the exterior wall. We use standard attic ventilation chutes in between the rafters. The gable end walls are framed in traditional manner, but they end up being 11″ thick to match the ICF wall thickness.


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