100_4564 Work went on last week at the new home we are constructing in spite of some snow. The concrete footings were installed without incident. We incorporated a product that uses integral footing forms and draintiles. This allows us to provide interior and exterior draintiles, set level for drainage. We’ve had very good luck using this Form-A-Drain product.



100_4565 Once the concrete footings were inspected and100_4567 installed we moved on to foundation walls. We are using products from Reward Systems for the walls. This is an 11” wide foam form that has a hollow center to allow concrete placement. This product creates a very strong, highly insulated foundation wall. We place reinforcing steel bars in the walls as they are being erected. The forms were completed and inspected Wednesday, and the concrete was pumped into the wall forms on Thursday.

Now our challenge will be digging out the 20” of snow that fell over the weekend!


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