100_4603 The foundation was completed a few days ago on the new home we are building. The next task is setting the floor system in place. This home is utilizing insulated concrete forms (ICF’s) for both the foundation walls and the main floor walls. Because of the concrete walls we have to ‘hang’ the floor system onto the walls. We do this using special anchor devices from Reward Wall Systems. It is a little slow going anchoring the ledger boards in place, but once they are set they are very secure and solid.

We have also installed the exterior waterproofing material on the foundation walls.100_4605 We are using a ‘dimple board’ product for this home. It is a very tough vinyl sheet material that has raised areas on it. The raised areas allow water to drain to the footing draintiles, keeping the wall itself dry.

100_4606 The floor trusses rest on the ledger board. We are using 18” open web floor trusses on this home. Open web trusses allow us to install the heating system within the floor trusses. When installed with glued down plywood the floor trusses make a very solid easy to access floor system.

We could do with a little less snow…..but winter construction in Minnesota can deliver most any kind of weather!


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