We’ve completed the ‘dry-in’ work on the outbuilding at our new home construction project. The roofing has been completed and the walls have the housewrap protection installed. The overhead doors are being installed, to be followed shortly by the windows and personell doors. The building includes small roof projections at the two personnel doors. These roofs prevent water from cascading down right in front of the doors. Our carpenters did a nice job constructing the support brackets using excellent joinery.

The carpenters have moved over to the house now while interior sytems are being installed in the shed. The floor trusses were installed last week as well as the main floor interior walls. The roof trusses are now being set in place. This house has a small second floor. We were able to include it by using ‘room in the attic’ trusses. These trusses have floor trusses and roof trusses combined into one unit. While they are somewhat of a job to swing into place ,they work well at creating inexpensive living area.

The area surrounding this home is absolutely beautiful at this time of year. There is a creek just north of the home that has trees and vegetation lining the banks. The wild flowers are out in full force. I know the owners will enjoy country living when we are done.