Workers have been busy installing siding on our new home project in rural Northfield. The home us incorporating panels of fiber-cement siding with battens every 12″, then switching to horizontal lap siding on the gable ends. We are using a trim board that is set slightly proud of the battens as a divider between the sidings.  I think the siding looks great.

With the mechanical and electrical rough in work complete, we moved on to insulating the home. For this we are also using a combination of insulation. The rim joist areas receive 5″ of closed cell foam that is sprayed in place. This occurs at the floor joist for the first floor, as well as the floor joists for the second floor. Using spray foam does an excellent job sealing up all the areas around the floor trusses, wires and plumbing penetrations. The rest of the wall cavities are insulated using fiberglass insulation that is blown into place behind a barrier cloth. This allows the installers to make sure they are getting the insulation into every nook and cranny. Once the insulation is all in place the walls and ceilings are covered with a vapor retarder that is sealed at all edges. The end result to all this work will be a house that is extremely tight and well insulated. We then rely on our mechanical system to allow the house to ‘breath’ properly.


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