New East Side Home

Work is moving along well on our East side new home project. The exterior siding on the house is pretty much completed. This house has some very nice details on it to blend it into the existing neighborhood. The covered front porch has a column that reflects work from an earlier age. The main body of the house is clad with horizontal fiber-cement lap siding. On the gable ends we used fiber-cement shingle style siding. We also wrapped the windows with nice trims and installed support brackets at the rake rafters. The whole trim assembly on the house really looks nice and fits in with the adjacent older homes.

Inside the carpenters have been busy installing cabinets, interior doors, interior trims, etc. The ceramic tile workers have also been busy with their work. The kitchen floor has a very nice slate pattern floor. In the main bathroom the tile folks are creating a door-less walk in shower with a seat bench. They have taken great care to provide proper membranes and flashings to make sure the substrate stays dry if grout should leak water.



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