Last week we were busy installing drywall at the Neuger Communications office project. The steel framing has just about all been completed. Fortunately, we obtained our electrical inspection prior to the state government shutdown, so we were able to insulate walls and proceed with drywall work.  The offices and spaces are coming together really well. It will make a wonderful bright, cheery office environment for Neuger Communications.

The mechanical systems are being installed as we move forward with our work. All the existing furnaces had to be removed and disgarded. We have installed 5 new high efficiency units which will greatly reduce the heating costs for the facility. Mechanical rooms often get ‘over filled’ with equipment, but this space is actually generous in size.

The roofers are busy today working at installing a new roof. The new roof is a EPDM membrane roof that is fully adhered to the base material. I like this type of roof as it is generally much easier to detect any damage or leaks. There are wonderful views of downtown Northfield from the roof of the buidling.


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