With the economic downturn in the construction economy I found that I had excess facility space and some excess equipment, so I decided to consolidate and sell one of my buildings. One of my over arching goals always has been to provide the most cost efficient operation I can, which in turn allows my customers to receive the best value for their construction dollar. Paying taxes and maintaining unnecessary space did not fit that formula. So, yesterday I sold my main shop/office building to the Northfield Hospital for use as an ambulance garage headquarters. The facility is a perfect fit for their Emergency Medical Services (EMS) that serves this area. They have 5 ambulances and about 35 staff members. This facility will allow all there functions, including a training room, to be in one location.

So this morning we started site work on an office expansion on the building next door to the one I sold. We’ve organized  like crazy the past few months and have our equipment in the building. Now we need to complete the office expansion and make a move to the new space….not an easy thing to do while operating with other jobs. But it is exciting to be creating new space.


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