NCC Office Expansion

In spite of some rather wet weather we have made good progress on our company office expansion. We’ve completed window installation and the exterior metal siding work. We were able to match the color of the metal siding panels to the existing building so it looks appropriate. We’ve installed a darker brown contrasting metal siding at the lower part of the front elevation which matches the dark brown of the metal soffits and fasica. We also constructed a small sloped roof over the front entrance door to give it a little protection from the weather.

The mechanical and electrical rough-in work has been completed. The building has heating tubes in the concrete to keep the floor warm and dry. It also has a forced air ventilation system that will heat and cool the building as necessary. Our little mechanical room gets crowded with the furnace, boiler, water softener and communication and electrical panels in it, but it should work out OK for us.

I decided to use a blow in blanket system (BIBS) for the exterior frame wall insulation. This provides an excellent thermal R-value while not costing a lot of money. The workers install a mesh over the framing, then poke the tube of the blowing machine into the cavity and fill it with special white fiberglass blowing insualtion. When the insulation is all installed the workers cover it all with a heavy plastic vapor barrier, taking care to tape, caulk and seal all the joints and penetrations. With this insulation and the underfloor, foundation and roof insulation the offices should be tight and easy to heat and cool.


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