Last month I renewed my membership in NARI….the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. This is just one of several oganizations Northfield Construction belongs to. Others include the Associated General Contractors (AGC), Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM), Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) , Better Business Bureau (BBB) and several more. All these organizations provide various support services for this somewhat challenging business.

NARI provides great continuing education programs. They are completly focused on remodeling work. Northfield Construction Company completes many residential and commercial remodeling projects each year. Remodeling work generally includes unique work challenges such as dust control, access to sites, handling debris, living conditions for the owners, etc. It is nice to be able to discuss these and other issues with other remodeling professionals. We exchange information, find out what works, and most importantly….find out what doesn’t work.

NARI also produces an excellent bi-monthly trade magazine, The Remoders’ Journal. The articles in the magazine often tie into some project we are about to start. We pass the magazine around the office and make sure people share the information. We often discuss information in the articles at our monthly safety meetings.

Trade organizations are a very useful part of the business of running a professional construction company. As a professional, I need to be willing to share my knowledge and also use the knowledge from others. That way we can continue to provide top quality projects to our clients, delivered using safe and responsible construction methods.


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