For the past six weeks Northfield Construction Company has been working on a remodeling project for a family just outside of Northfield. Like many of our remodeling projects, this one is quite extensive and involves adding a second floor on a one story home.

When we opened up the existing roof on an area that was added to the home 9 years ago, we discovered a huge infestation of mold and mildew. The Site Superintendent handled things properly, bringing the problem to the attention of the homeowners. The homeowners were rightfully concerned, and commented that perhaps this condition was related to the rise in respiratory problems the family has been experiencing.

The homeowners contracted with an environmental engineering firm to visit the site, analyze the problems and provide a written report for causes and remediation of the mold. In conducting their site visit they discovered an improperly constructed crawl space, illegally constructed leaking plumbing, an improperly constructed roof system, and many other problems.

We are currently working with the homeowners to remedy the situation. It turns out that all the problems are related to the work that was done on their home 9 years ago. They hired the work done, but the contractor did not perform the work properly. The owners are currently working on securing compensation from the contractor or through the State of Minnesota builders licensing program.

It is very important to build homes and additions properly today….and always has been. I feel angry and upset at the qualtiy of work that this homeowner received nine years ago from someone calling himself a contractor. People operating outisde the law in any profession give the rest of the profession difficulties. Fortunately, this homeowner understands the issues, is working on financial compensation, and is moving forward to have us correct all the problems.

Northfield Construction Company is a member of several trade organizations that provide quality discussions and seminars on mold issues. One organization is the National Association of Home Builders. They do a great job monitoring problems and have a model house in Madison that acts as a living labratory.

If you suspect you have a mold problem in your home I would check out some web sites and visit with us. We are always happy to discuss concerns. Mold can be a real health issue for everyone living in a moldy home. And remember, you cannot always see mold growth in a home as it occurs in walls, roofs and other concealed spaces.


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