100_3841 Laser technology is at work again for us today. We set up for the installation of the concrete floor in the art100_3842 studio building we are constructing. To make sure the floor is perfectly flat and level the installers use a laser controlled screed machine. This machine is powered along with a gas engine. The concrete is placed behind the machine and the screed blade depth is controlled by a laser beam. The front smoothing blade vibrates slightly resulting in a smooth, flat surface ready to be finished. The concrete finishers follow up after the machine to start the floor finishing process.

100_3839 crop This laser machine is assisted by placing the concrete using a concrete pump. On this job both the concrete pump and the ready-mixed concrete is supplied by Cemstone Concrete Products. The pump is radio controlled by an operator standing right along side the area being poured. Quite an improvement from the days when wheelbarrow and power buggies placed the concrete!


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