100_0955 About a week ago I headed to Mantorville for a job meeting at the Dodge County Courthouse project. After the meeting I noticed a few older vehicles drive by and turn east on main street. I wondered where they were headed so I walked down a few blocks. There I found a whole bunch of Ford Model A cars in the parking lot of the Hubble House.

As far as I could tell, there was just about every style of100_0954 Model A represented…pickup truck, two-doors, four-doors, convertibles, you name it. Some were in pristine condition, others were un-restored. In talking with the folks I learned that this was a Model A club that was staying at Whitewater State Park. They said they have breakfast together in the morning, then head out for a drive through the area, ending up in a new community.


100_0956 What a nice event for a group of mainly retired folks. As someone that enjoys looking at older vehicles, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing these Model A cars and chatting with the owners. Ellen was with me this day and had a fine time talking with some of the vehicle owners too.


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