This has been a great construction winter so far! As you can see if you look at the Perry house photographs, we were able to get the two stucco base coats applied this fall before cold weather.

That is not always the case with fall construction. Stucco, like many other exterior finish materials, is sensitive to cold weather or freezing. Not having to enclose a building to peform these operations saves a significant amount of time and energy, as well as cost related to heating the enclosures.

We are slowly getting settled in the new NCC office space.

(You can view a slightly larger quarter page shot or if you’ve got good bandwidth, try this huge, 550K photo).
Chris Smisek is operating out of one of the two newly created offices. Chris had been using a small “general” desk area. He is glad to have a dedicated office, complete with phones, computer, etc.

Speaking of computers, NCC will be doing a network server upgrade soon. Like so many small business, as we have grown we have not always been able to grow our technical support areas in the proper fashion. We need to centralize some functions and make it easier to access data for all of us. I do not expect clients to notice any changes or have any significant down time on our computer system as we implement this new system.


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