Work is moving along well at the Millstream Commons assisted living project. We are fortunate to have a stretch of good winter weather. Everyone is hoping that the rest of Minnesota’s winter will be mild.

We are installing the final area of foundation work and backfilling against the cured foundation. American Excavating is doing our earthwork on the site. They have the necessary equipment to compact the imported granular soils properly. It is important that the soils be compacted well as settlement would cause problems for later phases of our work.

The building has a fair amount of structural steel beams and columns. These all have to be lifted into place, bolted together and fastened securely to the foundation. There is a lot of behind the scenes work done to make sure the steel parts are all fabricated properly so they fit together on the site.

The wood wall framing has started and is well underway. The framing is rather complex in that it involves hundreds of steel hold downs, tie straps, beam pockets, etc. Project Site Superintendent Jim Vold is doing a great job overseeing the work.


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