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Northfield Construction Company boasts a talented team of individuals. In this blog series, we will feature a new team member each week. It’s because of our team that our company is so strong, and we want to show you why. Naturally, the first team member we’ll introduce you to is Otto the Construction Dog.


When did you start working for Northfield Construction Company? 

I started working at Northfield Construction for a while now…about three human years. As the Chief Construction Dog, I ensure the safety of our team and greet our clients at the office. I help our team put a little more wag in their tail.

What’s your history in the industry?

Most of my previous experience comes from the lumber industry–specifically in the pretreated stage. You could say I have a taste for good sticks and branches. I took a job behind the desk when my buddy, Chris, came here to NCC in 2012.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

When I’m not making new friends at work, I like to roll in the grass, chase tennis balls, and take naps. Sometimes, I also go on walks and help out around the house. A lot of the time, I hang out with my buddy, Chris. When we’re together, we spend time outside, where I get to sniff new things and scope out good lumber.

What has been your favorite NCC project?

My favorite projects are when we build residential homes for families. I really like knowing that happy kids (and maybe even a dog) will soon get to play and have fun at their new house.


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