Meet The Team – Craig

When did you start working for Northfield Construction Company?

My first day at NCC was November 1, 1992. I am the project manager and estimator for the commercial construction portion of NCC. In the past, I was in charge of managing and scheduling all field personnel.

What’s your history in the industry?

I have attended two school programs in Faribault, extension classes at the University of Minnesota-Mankato and University of Minnesota-Winona. I worked in the Twin Cities’ construction market from 1976 until 1991 as a carpenter, foreman, superintendent and project manager.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I like to spend time with my family: a wife, son, stepchildren, and grandchildren. I also enjoy fishing and working on projects at home.

What has been your favorite NCC project?

There have been many large and interesting projects and a lot of churches that we have done have been enjoyable, but my favorite was Millstream Commons, which we built in 2005. It was a large and very detailed project and at the time it was built, the project had a value of 5 million plus. Very interesting project.


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