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Northfield Construction Company boasts a talented team of individuals. In this blog series, we will feature a new team member each week. It’s because of our team that our company is so strong, and we want to show you why. Naturally, we want to introduce you to Chris Kennelly, our President.

When did you start working for Northfield Construction Company?

I’ve been involved in real estate construction and development for fifteen years, and I’ve been with Northfield Construction since 2012. As President, I make sure that all projects and people are moving forward, and that we’re not just meeting client expectations—we’re exceeding them.

What’s your history in the industry?

My background is in project management and property development. I have my MBA in Real Estate Development and Finance from University of Colorado. Before coming to NCC, I led development and investment projects of over one million square feet.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I like spending time with family and Otto the Construction Dog. My wife and I live in the country and enjoy working on and maintaining our property. We also have two sons, both involved in sports and activities, so we stay pretty busy. Additionally, I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, and playing sports like hockey and golf. I also enjoy listening to music.

What has been your favorite NCC project?

We greatly enjoyed being part of the Laura Baker Services campus projects, and are very pleased with the turnout. My favorite projects, though, are probably small kitchen remodels and projects in people’s homes. It’s inspiring to see how happy the clients are, and what a difference a remodel can make on their daily life. It makes me proud to have happy clients at the end of a project.


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