Ellen and I spent a fun filled evening Saturday at the Grand in Northfield with friends from the community at a fundraiser for Laura Baker Services (LBS). Laura Baker Services operates an intermediate care facility for mentally retarded….ICF/MR… in Northfield. A century old school and care facility, it does a wonderful job assisting and taking care of this vulnerable segment of our society.

Northfield Construction Company has been a supporter of Laura Baker Services for a long time in a variety of ways. For the past six years LBS has held a Gala fundraiser, complete with silent and live auction, social hour, and dinner. It is a great time to get together with folks, visit, come away with some auction items…all the while supporting a fantastic organization.

NCC was a table sponsor for the Gala event this year, along with several other local businesses such as Professional Design Group, College City Beverage, Heartman Insurance and several others. Ellen and I enjoyed the table company of my sister Jennifer and her husband Bill, Doug and Mary Jones from Nerstrand, and Charlie and Diane Kyte. Charlie is the former school Superintendent in Northfield and now heads the Minnesota Association of School Administrators . Charlie and I went from seeing each other on a very regular basis when I was on the school board, to not seeing each other so much when he took his new job, to seeing each other again regularly now that I serve in the Legislature.

I was able to visit with and welcome Dr. Richard Goodwin and Steve Kelly to the LBS Board of Trustees. The third new Trustee, Chris Sawyer from College City Beverage, was out trying his luck deer hunting. We thanked Dixon Bond for his many years of service on the LBS Board of Trustees. Dixon and Mike Hero were tireless workers when LBS was going through some financial difficulties years ago.

LBS is a solid, well run home that is serving current needs and looking to the future. Northfield Construction Company has just started a multi-year building program for them.

Our first project is a new 6 resident home. In the past few weeks we installed the foundation, underground plumbing and utilities and are now ready to lay the concrete floor and get onto the carpentry work. When this project is completed we will build two more 6 unit homes, then do some remodeling work in the existing buildings. I’ll be posting photos of the project as we move along with it. We are all hoping for warmer weather this week to help us as we do some of the concrete work.

I’m glad to provide financial suport, Legislative support and construction services to LBS. Someone once said a society is judged by how it cares for its most vulnerable citizens. I can personally say LBS provides the best care possible for the vulnerable residents under LBS care.


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