Early this spring Northfield Construction Company finished up new home in rural Rice County outside of Faribault. Gary Hanson from Prairie Creek Architects designed the home in the Prairie style of architecture. Gary did an excellent job designing this home, and Phil Olson, Northfield Construction’s Site Superintendent, performed flawlessly in constructing the home.

The owners of this home, Gus and Helen, installed the exterior landscaping by themselves. They did a spectacular job of landscaping….complete with a large, rock-lined stream.

The stream runs along the south side of their home, and includes pools with goldfish. They also planted many bulbs and perennial flowers, so next spring the yard will be in full color.

Take a look at some of the photos Phil Olson took last time he was at the site, as well as earlier indoor photos of their house. I think you will agree that a good job of landscaping can enhance the beauty and enjoyment of a home.


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