We have been working on a new liquor store for the City of Lakeville for the past month or so. I believe this is the sixth liquor store Lakeville owns, but they will be closing the store on Cedar Avenue when this one on Galaxie and County 46 opens. The building is being constructed using a Construction Manager, in this case supplied by Greystone Construction. Construction management projects involve multiple contractors working together to create the project, under the direction and supervision of the Construction Manager. Our primary work involves the rough and finish carpentry portions of the project.

The carpenters have been working to complete the exterior decorative trellis’s on the building. The trellises add a very nice look to the commercial building.

Today the carpenters were working inside installing backer sheathing on the metal ceiling framework. They will then install decorative 1×6 boards on the backer.

This is a large liquor store. It will have good display areas….

It also has excellent delivery areas where trucks can pull up and wheel product right into the coolers or storage areas.


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