100_3073 This weekend I finished up the final trim work on the lake cottage project we have been working on. During the week the bathroom floor and fireplace hearth were installed and that required a final bit of baseboard and base shoe trim. It was nice to travel up, complete the work, inspect the final job, and load up equipment. We’ve enjoyed working on this project even though it is a fair distance from Northfield.




100_3126 I really like the cabinets the owners selected. Constructed by a cabinet maker in the Twin Cities, the cabinets have a beautiful smooth painted finish on all100_3128 parts. Everything from the doors and drawers to the shelves are simple, clean lines that goes well with this lake cottage. The open shelves are supported with brackets that have a graceful curve. Since the kitchen does not have to be large for this use the appliances are smaller sizes. The stove is 24” wide instead of the more common 30” and the dishwasher is 18” wide instead of the more common 24”. The sink is a ‘farmhouse’ type sink where the front apron comes down the front of the sink.

100_3127 The views from the living and dining areas are100_3129 spectacular. We ran a continuous 1×6 horizontal trim board above the windows and doors which ties everything together well. The cottage is not set up for winter use, but it does have electric radiant wall mounted heaters for chilly spring and fall days. We mounted these heaters just above the horizontal trim board. With the mild weather we have now the heaters have no trouble keeping the cottage toasty and warm.

100_3130 There is a wood burning fireplace off to the side in the living area. The fireplace is enclosed with bead board material and a maple top. The hearth is a piece of granite which looks nice against the original flat grain fir flooring. The fireplace has a fan to force heat into the room. The flue pipe is exposed in this installation.




100_3133 The bedrooms have oak floors and similar trim to the100_3132 rest of the cottage. The bedrooms are not huge, but with lakeside vacationing more time is typically spent in common areas. The bathroom has nice vanity that matches the kitchen cabinets and incorporates a solid surface countertop with integral sink.

100_2401 It is hard to imagine the make over that this cottage went through. We retained the original floors and foundation system, but replaced most of the other parts of the cottage, creating a modern, efficient lake cottage.