Rain has continued at our lake cabin in the Carlton County area, but fortunately most of it has come during the night. The workers have had lovely days with light breezes off the lake. They have been busy completing the final roof framing. The roof on this project is all hand framed. It really isn’t possible to use truss roof framing on such a project as we built roofs over the existing roof in several rooms so that the interior was preserved. We’ve installed a layer of #30 asphalt felt over the roof sheathing to keep the interior dry.

One area that was fun to work on was the small roof over the deck that faces the lake. The zoning laws permitted the owners to have a 5′ deck area with a roof over it facing the lake. Regulations are followed carefully on lakeshore property. At first the owners weren’t sure if it was worth it to have that small a deck. But as they thought it over they realized it would provide a nice area for stacking lawn chairs and tables to keep them out of the weather. It also is large enough for a few people to sit on and enjoy a nice sunset. To support the roof over this area we used pine logs as columns and a pine log as a header support—a nice ‘north woods’ touch.