After many weeks of working through the permit process, we are finally underway with the La Puerta Abierta Methodist Church in St. Paul. For the past two weeks we worked in preparing the site and installing site utilities. A couple of small buildings were removed, organic soils stockpiled for future use, and rough grading completed.

In an effort to control storm water runoff from the site, the parking lot drain water will first be collected in a large underground cistern pipe. It is about 48” in diameter and 130’ long. A pipe that size holds quite a bit of storm water on a temporary basis, allowing the sediment in the water to settle out before it heads into the St. Paul storm piping system. This underground cistern has breather pipes at each end, which you can see in this photo…

Workers are installing forms for the concrete footings. The building will have a poured concrete foundation wall that will sit on top of the concrete footing.

Sites are always crowded at this stage. Once the foundation is installed and the site backfilled and graded it will be much easier to navigate. Stay tuned for more reports.


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