100_1716 We recently started a kitchen remodel for a client on the east side of Northfield. The work is not as extensive as in many projects we undertake and does not involve any addition or expansion of the home. Because of that we have been able to move along fairly quickly.


Demolition always is the first task, and it involves dirt and inconvenience. In this100_1733 case the owners did much of the demolition, removing cabinets and flooring before we started. We cut open areas of the existing walls to allow electricians to run new wiring for the kitchen. On the main exterior wall 100_1734 we removed all the lath and plaster to install new insulation. The home had minimal insulation in the walls and modern insulation will greatly improve comfort in the room. The home is over 100 years old, so we had some miscellaneous framing and backing to install when the walls were opened. We moved on to installing drywall and are not busy taping and finishing the drywall surfaces.