100_2097 We wrapped up work on the kitchen remodeling project we have been working on. Our work dramatically changed the kitchen in this older home. The owners now have about three times as many cabinets as they had in the previous kitchen. One of the most notable benefits is the electrical work. They have new electrical receptacles, nice under-counter lighting, excellent task lighting, convenient switches—all the things that make using a kitchen comfortable. New appliances were included in the remodeling, with space for a dishwasher, something that the old kitchen did not include.

The countertops on this project are made of bamboo. Bamboo is a ‘green material’ as it grows very quickly in a sustainable manner. The bamboo is split into small sections and laminated together to create the 1-1/2” thick sections of countertop. I think the material looks great—it has a very warm appearance, is durable, and nicks and cuts are repairable.

100_2095 The cabinets are maple and came from IKEA. They have several features that make them very user friendly. The doors have soft closing hinges so they do not slam. The drawers have soft closing glides which makes the final two inches of travel slow and close softly. Some of the doors have patterned glass with glass shelving. The corner base cabinet has a nice wire/metal pull out that provides excellent access to that corner.

This work greatly changed the traffic flow for the homeowners by removing a closet100_2096 and restoring the connection between the kitchen and the front entry. We used a glass door with a sliding door track for the door to the basement to avoid problems with a door swing. The kitchen now meets their desire for a kitchen that permits cooking to entertain friends and family.