We finished up our kitchen remoding project. It looks great and should serve the owners well over the next decades. The cabinets for this job are custom made cherry cabinets finished with a very light stain. The home is in a wooded rural setting and the cherry gives a very organic feel to the cabinets. The designer called for some cherry ceiling trim. The ceiling trim has plinth blocks in the corners and a ceramic tile is routed into the wood. The tiles have a leaf motif that also provides a nice attachment to the woods around the house.

The countertop is a material called paperstone. I’ve not used it before but it seems to be a great product. It doesn’t have the cold feel that stone countertops can have. The range hood is a stainless steel unit that vents up and out the sidewall. The owners selected a drawer type microwave oven. You press a button and it opens, press another and it closes. It can be locked to keep children from opening it. When there isn’t an easy location to place a microwave oven above the countertop, this drawer type unit makes a lot of sense.