We’ve moved along well on the kitchen and bathroom remodeling project we have underway. The main floor bathroom was expanded into a closet so that we could include a new shower stall, making it a 3/4 bath. The floor tile has been completed and the plumbers set the fixtures. The owners selected a very nice wall hung lavatory sink. They liked the look and feel of a pedestal sink, but didn’t want to have to clean around the pedestal. This sink accomplishes what a pedestal sink does—making a small room feel larger—-but without having the pedestal extend to the floor. A good choice.

The new oak floor in the kitchen has been stained and finished so we have set the cabinets in place. The owners created a very nice mix of cabinets in the kitchen. The depths vary, there is a unit that extends down to the countertop, etc. The upper cabinets have a darker cherry wood finish on them while the lower cabinets have a soft gray painted finish. The two finishes look very nice together. Appliances are on site ready to be installed.  The countertops will go in shortly and finish off the kitchen remodeling.

The upstairs bathroom received a new ceramic tile floor. This tile is precision cut so it can be installed with a 1/16″ grout joint between the tiles. Once grouted the floor appears almost seamless which is the look the owners wanted. They selected a black lacquer finish for the new vanity, with a cast countertop. This creates a very bold look in the bathroom and ties together with the black accent trim tiles in the shower area.


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